Start up Business Entrepreneurial of Inactive Women and Housewives Through Handicraft Skills Project for Adult Learners

Project Ref. No. 2017-1-TR01-KA204-046685

The project is created and designed by Şehit Hüseyin Danacı Adult Learning Center offering training courses for adult learners at the age of 18- 65. The project in which Şehit Hüseyin Danacı Adult Learning Center is the coordinator and Kedainiai VET Center-Lithuania, SocialLab-Italy and Mobility Friend-Portugal are partners, is funded by European Erasmus+ The project particpants consist of inactive women and housewives. They attended 3D Ottoman Kati Art Course, Home Textile Products Course, Jewellery&Accessories Course and Ceramics&Pottery Course respectively in Turkey, Lithuania, Italy and Portugal. The project mainly concentrates on developing the cooperation between learners and trainers from partner countries and also between experts and masters of the handicrafts. The aim of this cooperation is to increase professional handicraft skills of the project participants which will help them find new employment opportunities or start their own handicraft business.
Learners, participating in the project and learning about the different traditional and cultural handicrafts, will acquired skills increasing their chances for employment. The project gives the opportunity to reveal and develop their skills with creative thinking. Furthermore, it is a unique opportunity for the learners to acquire new skills as there is no organization providing ICT trainings, English courses, Entrepreneurship lessons and handicraft courses for adults in these contents. The video courses in this project, targeting the learners of all ages, are translated into partners languages and distributed as online open courses.
During the progress of the project, the partners organized training courses on the handicrafts that they are best at. Topics of the courses are strictly connected with the project’s activities: ceramic, textile, souvenirs and 3D paper folding.
The methodology of the course is based on a model that develops its activities through handicraft developments. The participants become the center of the model and the process of learning.
During the project period, all project partners have produced handicraft training materials, video courses and training modules, which can be used by the adult learning centers and vocational education centers working with adults or those who want to step in a new handicraft. The materials available at the project web site are all free and redistributable for training purposes. During the two year of the project, project activities have been disseminated through various channels such as internet, social media, posters and other means of public communication.