Consorzio Social Lab has organized the event in order to present the project, the training materials, the tools and results of the European project “Start up Business  Entrepreneurial of Inactive Women and Housewives Through  Handcraft Skills”.

The event will be hosted in Istituto Maria Cristina di Savoia a Bitonto, prestigious social sector site in the city of Bitonto.

In the first part of the event the project management team and the trainers will present the project, the consortium, the transnational training experiences implemented and the 4 training courses (available online) to support entrepreneurship initiatives of women in the handcraft sector.

Then, the project website and the online teachers platform will be launched within the participants, who are representatives of public institutions, training centres and schools, ngos and organizations active in the field of entrepreneurship and social/economical inclusion of women.

During the event i twill be possible also to visit the exhibition of products realized by the participants in the project.

In the second part of the event, after the aperitif break, will take place a cultural show on traditional music instruments animated by Bembè – Scuola delle arti musicali e performative.

                                                                                                                                                                                   Staff Consorzio Social Lab