Start up Business Entrepreneurial of Inactive Women and Housewives Through Handicraft Skills Project for Adult Learners

Trainings were carried out in purpose to get professional skills and real useful experience from experts who already work in handicraft  sector and has professional experience to share. This helped to improve the professional skills of the project participants. These trainings not only improved the knowledge of the participants but also enabled them experience real handicraft sector in other European countries. Trainings were organized by each partner with at least 6 participants from each partner organization (who work with project target group, beneficiaries, as well who have competences to work in that area and develop further activities and their implementation). During the trainings the participants expressed that the trainings really added to their handicraft skills, qualifications and understanding, to know the practicalities, working process, get deep knowledge in project thematic area. Round table discussions and reflections were also organized during and after the trainings. Participants shared with each other their experience and knowledge in that area gained at national level. The training activities essentially offerred  the disadvantaged women employment and attractive high quality learning settings, experiences and real life working environment. These oppurtunities motivate the adult people to stay and continue adults learning environment. At the same, these learning setting offer the chance to get in contact with different enterprises, to prove themselves, to get an insight into the world of business and to develop particular skills, to become self-confident and concrete perspectives for the future of the participants. In that way, these learning settings are great contribution to women’s economic independency and social inclusion.

Transfering the successful learning and training approaches in general formal education to the vocational training and adult learning, which offers the disadvantaged and unemployed women employment and career opportunities, are among the other primary added values of this Project. Big thanks to all partners and their stakeholders for their precious contributions to the implementation of all project activities including trainings, meetings, dissemination, output production and many other products.

Ottoman Kati Art Training Course, Kayseri-Turkey

Training course (workshop) in Turkey : 3D paper folding trainig. During this training, the participants gained handicraft skills on 3D paper folding. They learned how to use the 3D paper folding in education, creating paper pictures, developing materials and practices. The training was planned as a 9-day training course (2 days travel). Kayseri Şehit Hüseyin Danacı Adult Learning Center prepared the 3D training modules of the 3D paper folding course. 6 participants from each partner organization attended the course in February 2018 in Kayseri, Turkey.

Home Textile Products Training Course, Kedainiai-Lithuania

Training course (workshop) in Lithuania: Pillow and traditional clothes designing and embroidering workshop. This training intended to train the participants on pillow and traditional clothes designing and embroidering. During the training the participants learned pillow and traditional clothes designing and embroidering which is not well known in other countries, which may offer the participants employment opportunuties in their countries. The training course was planned to last 9 days (2 days travel).

Kedainiu profesinio rengimo centras in Lithuania prepared and improved the modules about pillow and traditional clothes desigining embroidering. Each partner country sent 6 female participants, previously selected for the mobility.

Jewellery&Accessories Training Course, Bitonto-Italy

Souvenir accessories and ornaments training course (workshop) in Italy: The participants attended the training course and workshops on souvenir accessories and ornaments in Italy, famous for design and fashion. The disadvantaged women, in seek of employment, became significantly advantagous after attending and gaining skills in design and fashion. Improved skills and capabilities of the participants will help them reach the planned objectives and achievements of the project, employment and career. The host country, Italy, planned the content and the agenda of the trainings, materials, equipments and trainers. The training in Italy lasted 9 days (2 days travel). Each partner country sent 6 the participants previously selected within their organization. The trainings were organized in November 2018 in Bitonto-Italy.

Pottery and Ceramics Training Course, Barcelos-Portugal

Ceramic training course (workshop) in Portugal: The training in Portugal provided the participants with new skills and experience in ceramics. Through these trainings the participants gained additional skills, which is highly  important in terms of employment opportunities. The partner organization in Portugal undertook the overall responsibility for creating the content of trainings, materials and equipments that were used during the trainings. The duration of the training was 9 days (2 days travelling). The training module about ceramics and pottery was also improved by the Portuguese partner. The training course was took place in April 2019 in Barcelos-Portugal.